Andree is a true professional and a gifted teacher. Andree’s playing lessons have helped me to focus on 100 yards in and she has taught me different shots for a variety of situations around the green. My sand game is solid now as well as wedge choices to get ball closest to the pin.

Jane R.

Andree quickly assesses her students learning types to connect with them in a way that communicates her recommended swing improvements in the most understandable way possible. She demystifies the golf swing to make it simple and repeatable with a few swing thoughts that correct problems with ease. On top of her expertise, she makes lessons fun and improvements easy to implement and understand.

Susan E.

In our club Andree is sought after by all levels of handicaps including our of top players. In addition, Andrée coaches junior golf all the way up to older players of both genders.

Dave S.

Andree Martin is a wonderful golf teacher. She is very intuitive and has the ability to focus on the golf swing like no other teacher I have ever had. With her guidance, my short game and putting have improved and my handicap has dropped.

Robbie W.

You make things so simple so I can actually understand it. Thank you!

Carole W.

Wow, none of the other instructors have been able to help my husband swing like this! He even gained 30 yards!

Michelle H.