Andrée's comfortable teaching style works for golfers at all levels, including new golfers, with tremendous success.

Now teaching at Promontory Club - Park City, Utah & River Landing's at Sandy Ridge - Greensboro, NC

Proven and demonstrated with experience, Andrée knows what works for men, women and children of all sizes, athletic ability and physical ability.

Whether you're a beginner, a single digit player or someone who has enjoyed golf for years, I'll bet you've tried to improve your golf game with hours of practice trying to find your swing only to find it doesn't seem to improve.  Andree is here to turn that around!

If you're like most golfers, you may have invested in the latest technology of irons, woods and putters, bought a new pair of golf shoes, started playing with high dollar golf balls... all in high hopes to take your golf game to a higher level. As a certified golf coach with a focus on mastering transfer ability from the driving range to the golf course, Andrée's practice and playing plans will help everyone improve and reach their personal best.

Imagine making the swing you're capable of and have been searching fore all this time after a lesson.

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If you're looking to:
  • Perfect your swing
  • Develop maximum power
  • Improve alignment and posture
  • Enhance your shot making performance
  • Grasp the fundamentals of golf
  • Correct grip/hold position to control your swing
  • Properly use every club in your bag and know what club when
  • Identify the distance you hit each club
  • Lower your Handicap NOW!
  • Understand the best course management strategy
  • Follow-through to maximize your distance and accuracy
  • Turn your emotions into a positive driving force
  • Put the fun back in your game