"Everyone is unique, but teaching the fundamentals in any sport lays a strong foundation.  The key is to work with each individual to meet their personal golf goals in a fun, enjoyable way that is fits them as a player.  Because I work in their own learning style, they learn faster and understand their swing and how to personally self correct and continually improve." Andrée Martin

Golf is a game that can bring out all the emotions...the exhilaration of victory and the crushing heartbreak of defeat, confidence, fear, humor and disgust, excitement, angst, and humility...enough emotions to keep us coming back over and over.  What is so unique about this game, however, is that we only please or defeat ourselves!


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Become a complete golfer with Andrée's customized golf instruction:

  • Individual, Group and Playing Lessons
  • Video Solutions
  • Customized Clinics
  • Corporate Seminars & Speaking Engagements

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Looking for the perfect golf swing at the golf course?
Even new of high handicappers have the ability to hit the great shots, which motivates them to return to the golf course.  Many of my students come to me frustrated because they have a good round going and have a blowup hole or two. They struggle to find the fairways and keep the ball on target.  Let me teach you to play the game of golf consistently and play it well.

Private individual or group golf lessons are available by appointment, for players of any skill level, on any aspect of the game. Golf lessons with Andree are in one-hour, two-hour, half day or all day increments, and worth the game improving investment. 

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